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Ann Arbor board backs off plan to charge tuition for extra class


The Ann Arbor (Mich.) school board has voted to revoke the $100 charge it placed on students wishing to take a seventh class period at Huron and Pioneer high schools. reports that the decision to rescind the tuition charge comes after the American Civil Liberties Union sued the public school system over the fee. Ann Arbor board members approved the $100-per-semester fee in June. It was part of a package of cuts and revenue enhancements to help the district balance its budget.

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Anonymous (not verified)
on Aug 20, 2013

There seems to be a great disparity between the course offerings at Pioneer HS vs Skyline. While its true that students from other Ann Arbor High schools can take a seventh hour class at Pioneer, it depends on the students ability to provide their own expedient transportation in the form of a parent provided ride or their own car. An AATA bus won't get them from one high school to another in the few minutes allotted.

Offering seventh hour classes at one high school, and not another, particularly for our wealthiest demographic, is a form if socio-economic discrimination which defies the stated principle of inclusion Ann Arbor professes.

Perhaps a class action suit is in order; maybe the ACLU will support this.

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