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Dec 01, 2015

Green Cleaning: Ways of the Winners 

What can be learned from the Green Cleaning Awards....More
Sep 01, 2015

Green Cleaning: Handbook to Health

Ideas for creating cleaner, healthier schools....More
Jun 01, 2015

Green Cleaning: Winning Work

Take advantage of two great opportunities for recognition....More
May 01, 2015

Green Cleaning: Apple Care

Introducing the Center for Green Schools and the Green Apple Day of Service....More
Apr 01, 2015

Green Cleaning: Earth Day Drill

Earth Day programs should extend beyond recycling....More
Oct 16, 2014

Houghton College expects solar installation to nearly half energy costs

A 2.5-megawatt solar installation is underway at Houghton College in western New York....More
Sep 18, 2014

Thousands of U.S. schools now have solar installations1

Recent research found that about 450 districts could potentially save more than $1 million over 30 years with a solar photovoltaic system....More
Mar 17, 2014

Solar canopy could save district $2 million1

A Massachusetts school district expects to save about $2 million over two decades with a solar canopy, with about $100,000 of those energy savings....More
Mar 14, 2014

Students ban campus water bottle sales

The students banned sales after a 2012 student initiative found that selling bottled water was a “unsustainable practice”....More
Feb 01, 2014

Green Cleaning: Cleaning With Water

New technologies are changing the green-cleaning game....More
Jan 16, 2014

8 to 12 buildings in line for solar panels at University of California, Merced

The rooftop panels would supplement an already existing solar field south of campus....More
Jan 14, 2014

Science facility at University of Oregon is LEED platinum

The Lewis Integrative Science Building is the first facility on campus to achieve highest LEED rating....More
Jan 05, 2014

Carlsbad, Calif., high school earns praise for environmentally friendly design

Sage Creek High opened in August as district's 2nd high school....More
Jan 01, 2014

Green Cleaning: Taking out the Trash

The future of “green” paper and plastic liners....More

Stephen Ashkin

Ashkin is executive director of the Green Cleaning Network, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit educational organization.
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