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Report says zero-tolerance discipline policies are ineffective


A quarter-century after the rise of zero-tolerance school discipline policies, new research indicates the crackdown on misbehavior in schools has not increased school safety. says a report from the Vera Institute of Justice, a national nonprofit group, on the effects of zero-tolerance policies concludes they have little effect on how students behave in the classroom.

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on Jan 9, 2014

I am not sure that zero tolerance has much to do with student classroom behavior. There are many factors. Some of the most influential factors are demographics and the particular makeup of a given grouping of students. Parents and how administrations deal with misbehavior are also major determinants. Teacher organization and preparedness is important too but is not as influential as school climate and parental and administrative support. I think it could be said that school law and current educational philosophy are imperfect at best and greatly flawed in the current society.

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