Jan 01, 2014

Editor's Focus: New Year, Old Challenges

Schools and universities continued to feel the financial challenges that have become all too familiar to those running our nation’s education institutions....More
Mar 04, 2014

University of Minnesota seeks more funding from state

Officials at the University of Minnesota are requesting more funds for construction and repairs than Gov. Mark Dayton has allocated....More
Mar 10, 2014

Ohio lawmakers want to ban LEED certification

Ohio lawmakers voted to ban the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design....More
Aug 29, 2014

Connecticut school shuts down after E. coli is found in water

School officials are sanitizing the water and attempting to discern the source of the bacteria....More
Aug 19, 2014

Technical Literacy: Is it an institutional responsibility? You bet!

Most of us think of technical literacy as related to students. Personally, I’m not too worried about their technical literacy. I’m much more worried about trustees, cabinet members, staff and faculty....More