From The St. Louis Post-Dispatch: The principal of a high school in Clayton, Mo., has resigned after suspicions were raised that she created a Facebook page using a fictitious identity to monitor the activities of students at the school. Clayton High School principal Louis Lotos' resignation will be effective June 30. A posting on Facebook had contended that the person identified on the social media site as “Suzy Harriston” was actually Lotos. Many of those Harriston had friended on Facebook were Clayton students. After the accusation appeared online, the Harriston Facebook page was deleted.

UPDATE....from The St. Louis Post-Dispatch: The Clayton (Mo.) School District will pay $140,000 as part of a settlement agreement to the principal who resigned amid a Facebook controversy. Louise Losos will continue to be paid her regular salary and benefits through the end of the school year. On July 1, the district has agreed to make the lump sum payment of $140,000 to her, according to a copy of the settlement.