FromThe Lexington Herald-Leader: The Kentucky Department of Education is circulating a draft of a charter schools bill that apparently could exempt the Jefferson County and Fayette County school districts, the two biggest in the state. Charters schools may be part of a special legislative session later this month. Passing a charters bill potentially could boost Kentucky's chances of winning up to $175 million in the federal Race To The Top program, but many state educators question whether charters are right for Kentucky. Exempting Jefferson County could eliminate opposition from Superintendent Sheldon Berman, who has suggested his district might drop its support for the state's Race To The Top application if it includes a charter schools law.

APRIL 2010...from The Lexington Herald-Leader: A potential compromise that would allow charter schools in Kentucky is gaining momentum in the Capitol and could even help resolve an impasse over the state budget. Gov. Steve Beshear says he wants to explore the possibility of adding a proposal to allow charter schools to the agenda of a special legislative session to craft a state budget.