From The Los Angeles Times: A Los Angeles school police officer who said last week that he was shot by an attacker has been arrested on suspicion of concocting the story. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck says Los Angeles School Police Department Officer Jeff Stenroos had been booked on a felony charge of filing a false police report. Stenroos told authorities he had shot in the chest Jan. 19 after confronting a man who was trying to break into vehicles near El Camino Real High School. The subsequent police response inconvenienced thousands of people as officers blocked roads, locked down schools and refused to let people in or out of a 7-square-mile area.

EARLIER...from The Los Angeles Times: A stream of parents arrived in cars to drop off their children at El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills, Calif., and other students walked to school with the shooting of a police officer near campus fresh on their minds. Many parents and children say they are not concerned about returning to school after the shooting of police officer Jeffrey Stenroos as the gunman remained at large. Stenroos was shot in the chest, but he was saved by protective body armor. He was released from a hospital and was resting at home.
EARLIER: Thousands of students at several schools spent the day locked down in their classrooms after a school district police officer was shot near El Camino High.

UPDATE: Law-enforcement officials said they did not expect the 17-year-old student whose gun went off in a Gardena High School classroom, injuring two classmates, to be charged with attempted murder. Rather, the Los Angeles Police Department says he will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

From The Los Angeles Times: A gun in a 10th grader's backpack went off when he dropped the bag, wounding two students at his Los Angeles high school.The 17-year-old could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon and other charges. Police say it's plausible that the shooting was an accident, but that the boy was negligent to bring a loaded handgun to Gardena High School. After the gun discharged, the student apologized before running to another classroom. Two 15-year-olds were struck, apparently with the same bullet. A girl is in critical condition with a skull fracture and brain trauma. A boy who had been shot in the neck was listed as stable; his wound is not considered life-threatening.
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