Voters in the Wichita (Kan.) school district have approved a record-setting $370 million bond issue. The money will enable the district to build six new schools. Other projects include $61 million in athletic facilities improvements and $17 million in technical education programs.
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FROM August 2008: Voters in the Wichita (Kan.) district will decide Nov. 4 whether to approve the state's largest-ever bond issue -- $370 million. The school board voted unanimously to increase the bond issue from $350 million to $370 million. Last month, the pro-bond group Citizens Alliance for Responsible Education suggested revising the original proposal to remove $27 million in mostly athletic improvements and insert $17 million in technical education. Another $10 million was added for a projected rise in construction costs. Several speakers asked board members to retain all the athletic projects on the chopping blocks, including tennis courts, swimming pools and tracks. (Wichita Eagle)

FROM April 2008: The Wichita (Kan.) school board has voted to delay a referendum on a proposed $350 million school bond issue until "no later than Nov. 4." The election had been slated for May 6. Board members did not specify a new election date, but are expected to decide one in coming weeks. Proponents of the bond requested the postponement, saying they needed more time to get their message out to voters. (Wichita Eagle)

From FEBRUARY 2008: The Wichita (Kan.) district has placed a $350 million bond issue on the May 6 ballot. The money would help the district address crowding in some schools, repair or replace crumbling athletics and fine-arts facilities, and fix outdated infrastructure. (Wichita Eagle)