Five paraprofessionals at an elementary school in Fayetteville, Ark., have been placed on paid leave while the school district investigates last week's death of a 6-year-old student.

KFSM-TV reports that the school district is investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Adron Benton, who attended Vandergriff Elementary School. He had been diagnosed with autism and was in a special needs program.

Adron apparently wandered away from the school playground on March 7; he subsequently was found unresponsive in the swimming pool of a nearby home. He was taken to a hospital in Little Rock, where he died.

Fayetteville Superintendent Matthew Wendt said last week that teacher's aides routinely supervise recess and were on duty at the time.

The playground at Vandergriff is not fenced in, but district officials say that one will be built around the play area within the next two or three weeks.