Should public schools comply with the federal order to let transgender students use bathrooms that match their gender identity?

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on May 25, 2016

Normally I don't speak out about things because I'm a live and let live kind of person but this question is so stupid ....why are we even talking about this?? I understand that a transgender person may feel more "comfortable" using the bathroom in which they "identify" with, however, I don't feel comfortable to have my child in the bathroom with someone with different body parts than theirs. Our children should not be exposed to that and what about the safety concerns of someone pretending to "identify" with the opposite sex. I don't feel "comfortable" with this....what about my rights? And I know my child doesn't feel "comfortable" with this! What about their rights?? ****Safety First!!! If the government wants to do something, let them offer free surgery to transgenders so that they will have the body parts to match their gender identity! The government makes it mandatory for children to go to school but most parents can not afford to stay at home to home school or pay for a private school, so how can this be fair to the majority who don't feel "comfortable" and who definitely don't feel "safe". This is not a "hate" thing which so many are trying to make it out to and let live but go to the bathroom that identifies with the body parts that you have!!!

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