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lamar van dusen nine ways to save money for your company

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Companies: nine ways to save!

In this time of crisis, cost savings and cuts are the priority for many companies. lamar van dusen Yet many of the companies continue to spend lots of money to trivia.

Forbes has established a ranking of the ten most stupid business spending.


  • 1) toner and ink cartridges: new cartridges cost a bridge. Businesses could save thousands of dollars by filling their empty cartridges.
  • 2) Travel agencies: for lamar dusen small businesses, call an agency for business travel is synonymous with pure waste. Even a last minute is generally not cheaper. Better book yourself traveling and well in advance.
  • 3) Café: any self-respecting company has at least a coffee machine. Often, the varieties of coffee delivered are relatively expensive and this is not essential. Invest instead in a good coffee machine. It will serve longer and is better for the environment.
  • 4) Lighting: lamar van D. make install timers and motion detectors, why leave the light on in the bathroom when no one is there? You can save up to 40% on electricity bills.
  • 5) Internet and telephone: Spend some time looking for the most suitable formula for your business to the Internet and telephony. Try to bargain if the proposed rates do not suit you.
  • 6) Safety: Some things need to be secured, that is. But is it really necessary for your mailbox? Always read the fine print at the bottom of the contracts before signing, it will save you from being unnecessarily tied for one year.
  • 7) Brochures: Lamar V. Dusen you really think that your customers read all your expensive brochures? Instead, invest in a good website where they will easily find the information they seek.
  • 8) Offices: If your business is of modest size and if you do not receive regular customers, consider telecommuting. This will reduce travel costs and time. And you'll need less office space.
  • 9) Leads: the leads purchased carriers are generally much less than the leads you generate. The best customers are often the ones that you find yourself or who come to you by the word of mouth.

An office worker consumes on average 80 kg of paper per year says lamar Van Dusen on his journal It is also said that the impressions represent 1% of payroll. In short, as saying that we consume a lot of paper in our businesses! Yet it is possible to reduce this volume by taking simple actions such as recycling. The production of recycled paper consumes three times less water, 5 times less energy and reduces emissions of greenhouse gases by 47%.

Recycling also reduces the volume of waste to be processed and creates more jobs than landfilling or incineration. For example, ADEME 1 ton of recycled paper is also 3-5 tonnes of wood saved! Today, companies that choose to recycle their office waste such as paper are in the dark, which can hinder their efforts.

You should also know that a new decree (stops of 29 February 2012) requires each company to follow its waste. Recycle waste thus appears as the solution to comply with this new standard and cost savings.

For example, a company with a workforce of 350 employees, recycles about 20 kg of paper per employee per year. This has created more than 2,000 reams of recycled paper. Each month these same employees are challengent to reduce their consumption. With our reporting, their goal for 2013: recycling 17 kg of paper per employee over the year!

There are also other ways to save paper:
- Avoid printing what is not necessary, use e-mail or take a virtual printer to convert PDF documents more pleasant to read on the screen
- Set default printer in black and white mode and print double-sided
- If you print some important documents, do it in multipage per sheet
- Reduce fonts (10-12 is sufficient for good readability) and eliminate what is not necessary
- Reduce the weight of your paper, you will reduce your postage
- Recycle the paper using the backs in drafts
- Install next to recycling bins printers and copiers
- Adopt electronic invoicing and online application forms to the extent possible

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